> The provision of strategic planning guidance in
    relation to microclimate, site-wide energy services,
    alternative sources of water supply, water and energy
    conservation within buildings, materials and
    waste management.

> The preparation of strategic infrastructure and
    superstructure proposals for power, water supply,
    gas supply, drainage and communications.

> The integrated design of water reclamation and
    storm water management systems.

> The preliminary technical and commercial
    feasibility studies of alternative sources of water
    and energy including CHP, renewables, groundwater
    abstraction, wastewater treatment and reuse
    and grey water recycling.

Members of the practice have completed a number of Building Designs in a range of sectors and are working on many building types and integrated efficient and renewable energy technologies (see Projects page).

Low Energy Concepts & Traditional MEP

We will always look for solutions that utilise clients’ resources in the most efficient manner and always strive to develop a solution that is Low in Energy Demand, Efficient, Highest in Performance, with minimum Environmental Impact and offers Best Value.

ZEF Concepts provides the following individual and incorporated Building Design Services:

> Low Energy Concepts

> Integration of Renewable Energy System
    (Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Biomass)

> Mechanical Engineering

> Electrical Engineering

> Public Health

> Building Management Service

> The assessment of projected energy demands,
    water demands, material and waste generation
    rates against best practice guidelines and the
    development of environmental targets
    and indicators.