Benefits of LCA:

> If effectively carried out, LCA can be used to identify and eliminate bottlenecks within processes or product delivery.

> LCA is an effective integration within any R&D schemes.

> LCA is commonly used as the foundations of many sustainable building accreditation schemes.

> BREEAM rating system uses LCA-based material credits

> US Green Council is integrating LCA into the LEED green building rating system.


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Why LCA?

LCA is a methodology for assessing the environmental performance of a product over its full life cycle. However, the LCA tools that are currently available are not widely utilized by most stakeholders, including those designing, constructing, purchasing, or utilising products or processes. It is commonly known that there is a common tendency to focus only on embodied energy and energy analysis of products or processes. It is widely accepted by researchers that energy analysis alone cannot justify the sustainability of a product or process.

A better understanding of sustainability is being shaped and it’s not simply energy and carbon emissions. This has lead to a broader concern of all environmental damages. The essence of LCA is to cast a wide net and capture all of the relevant effects associated with a product or process over its entire life cycle.