Mark joined ZEF in January 2007, and has a wide range of experience including manufacturing, building services, and research. At ZEF, he has been.lead Building Services Engineer in various projects in Europe and the Middle East.

Previously worked with Mendick Waring in London as M&E Engineer in the building services sector. Providing technical advice to clients, calculations for heat loss, component sizing and regulations compliance, and Mechanical design of projects at inception through to completion stages.

Mark worked on Research and Technical Development in University of Canterbury, New Zealand, where he ran ongoing research project in thin film technologies, worked on a technical issue in fuel cell development, and redesigned lab equipment and programmed controller software.

In Diehl Ako in Germany, Mark worked in a team of a dozen engineers in the production equipment development division, designed plastic parts using SolidWorks, optimised designs for manufacture, and designed and draughted models for tooling.