Michael joined ZEF in July 2005, after completing final year of BA (Hons) Degree in Croydon College of Art and Design. Previous to this, worked in the print industry in Ireland on a wide variety of projects, from theatre advertising, political party literature, construction firm branding to semi state body’s publications.

During his time with ZEF, he has worked on projects in many diverse fields, from MEP analysis to masterplanning including:
>    Crystal Palace Park, London
>    Le Parc des Portes de Paris
>    Edmonton Art Gallery, Canada
>    Luxembourg Gare
>    River City Prague, Czech Republic
>    77-81 Curtain Road, London
>    Hoxton Square, London
>    Rohansky Ostrov Prague
>    North Harrow Community Centre, London
>    Royal Institute of Human Development, Bahrain
>    Abdali - Central Market Place, Amman, Jordan
>    Lambeth ACCORD, UK
>    Salt Cay Resort