Rabih El Fadel (* 1964) has a unique understanding of sustainability, with over 13 years experience in Low energy designs, Low- carbon emission initiatives, including energy buildings passive design, efficient systems, renewable energy, building management system calculation methodology.

Rabih’s 24 years experience encompasses project design and development, technical implementation and management Environmental Design, sustainability framework (Energy, Water, Waste, Internal environmental quality, renewable energy, solar passive design) for projects in Europe, Middle-East, USA and Africa.

His expertise includes the following:

>     Formulated sustainability framework development plans for masterplans, buildings, industries municipalities.
>    Low energy and sustainable Project Design Development.
>     Work on evaluating Energy Services Companies
>     Vast experience on projects across a number of continents: able to display ethical equality, sensitivity and adaptability.
>     Has been actively involved in past and current projects to develop and improve the quality of life within the built environment. This is shown through a spectrum of projects.
>     Extensive knowledge of building regulations and codes for a number of countries.

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