Sustainability Auditing / Assessment:

> BREEAM Assessment
> LEED Assessment
> Code for Sustainable Homes

Our engineers are dedicated to providing high quality solutions that meet client needs with appropriate technology and within budgetary constraints. We will always look for solutions that utilise clients’ resources in the most efficient manner and we will always strive to develop the solution that is:

> Low in Energy Demand
> Efficient
> Highest in Performance
> With minimum Environmental Impact and
    offers vest value

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Buildings & Masterplanning

At Masterplan level, Sustainable Development means developing a design that maximises the inherent benefits of a site, whilst minimising any adverse and future impacts. This should be achieved at all levels - social, economic and environmental. In this respect, sustainability should not be viewed as an 'add-on' but as an integrated part of the process. Keeping this foremost and to ensure that sustainable development principles are incorporated from the start, ZEF takes a holistic approach to ensure that a good master plan is achieved.

Site Layout & Planning:

> Sustainable Development Frameworks.
> Building Massing Shape and Form, Climatic Response,     External Comfort Planning and Environmental.
> Site wide energy management systems including
    CHP, Borehole & Heat Pump, Bio-energy,
     Renewable Energy & Geothermal.
> Water Management Systems including Rainwater
    Systems, On-site Treatment & Recycling
    and Surface Water Management.
> Transportation Strategy.
> Carbon Management.
> Materials Management.
> Environmental Impact Assessment.