Vincent Romeru (*1984) joined ZEF in June 2008 as an MEP Environmental Junior Engineer after 6 years of studying HVAC and Renewable Energy systems in France. He gained experience in working on projects in Beirut, Abu Dhabi, United Kingdom and is currently involved in working on projects in the Turks and Caicos Islands (Caribbean).

He was appointed as Project Manager Assistant for the Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Services and Concept Design work undertaken at ZEF. His principal tasks involve the production of concepts for the heating, ventilation and mechanical cooling strategies. He has designed and sized HVAC and public health services systems for buildings.

Vincent has also worked on designing the integration of renewable energy technologies on a number of successful projects (i.e. Air Source Heat Pump, Ground Source Heat Pump, Solar Thermal Collector, PV and combined heat and power).

He has experiences in producing detailed technical schematics for heating, ventilation, AC, electrical, public Health and lighting both hand drawn and using AutoCAD. These skills have led him to produce detailed and comprehensive proposal framework reports for HVAC and Renewable Energy technologies.

Vincent Romera ZEF